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Unlimited Power: Manipulating the Campaign Structure in Imperial Assault

One of the most common misconceptions about Imperial Assault's campaign mode is that it is a Star Wars clone of Dungeons and Dragons.  While the long story-driven role playing aspects of the game do seem to have some similarities with classic D&D, there are some very big differences that should be considered when comparing the games.

First of all, Imperial Assault is a competitive tabletop miniatures game.  While this is evident in campaign, you can perhaps see it even more blatantly in the Skirmish element of the game, where Fantasy Flight Games and the IA community have even designed an official tournament league based wholly on the skirmish side of the game.  The bulk of the gameplay is executed through the rules determining combat, movement, line of sight, and other actions.  Even in campaign, there are very little narrative choices to be made.

Secondly, while the campaign does have a story, the bulk of the narrative is driven more by pre-scripted events and a branching mi…
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So, uhh, this is awkward.  Introductions always are.  Let's just rip this band-aid right off.
My name is Thomas.  I work in IT, I have an adorable dog (I'll post a pic at the end of this entry), I was a Ubisoft Star Player at E3 2017, I'm planning on going to GenCon 2018, and two of my favorite things are Star Wars and tabletop gaming.  As it turns out, those hobbies mesh pretty well.
I'm a huge fan of Imperial Assault and Star Wars Rebellion, so expect a lot of content on both of those games.  I'm slowly getting into X-Wing, so there'll be some articles focusing on that as well.    I'm also excited to discuss some of the non-Fantasy Flight Games titles, too- there's definitely some treats out there!

Specifically, with Imperial Assault, my goal is to create a series of posts focusing on the Campaign aspect of the game.  While I do enjoy Skirmish, I have far more experience in the former mode, and I think there are a lot of really interesting top…