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Double Your Efforts: Why Imperial Assault Needs a 2nd Ed.

This week at the Hyperspace Report, Fantasy Flight Games announced a huge second edition of their popular miniatures game, X-Wing.  They appear to be taking advantage of this shift in product to address several aspects of the ambitious game, including turret tracking and faction flavor.  Best yet, conversion kits will make all previous sets compatible with the new edition.

Of course, Imperial Assault could probably benefit from a new edition as well, and while in the past I've been very opposed to the idea of a new edition, the way X-Wing is being handles has won me over.

Here are some arguments I'd make in support of IA 2.0 (and yes, I know some people refer to the app as that already).

1.  Errata
This game is full of errata.   And that's fine, with a game this expansive and old it's to be expected.  But having all of these "hidden" rules (as in, not in official rulebooks at release that may be in a casual player's collection) means that play is likely e…
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Profiles in Hope: Vinto Hreeda

My Rebel players generally try to pick different heroes when they start a new campaign, but there have been exactly two times that a hero has been so good that a different player selected it for the directly subsequent campaign.  The first time this happened, it was Mak, simply because one of my players mistakenly thought he seemed like a relatively straightforward shooter hero.

The second time this happened, it was with Vinto Hreeda- because he's just that good.

When people think of multi-target damage dealers, the prototypical example tends to be Fenn.  His splash damage is indeed pretty impressive, and can be really punishing for a careless Imperial who bunches up his units too much.

But generally, Fenn isn't too terribly difficult to play around.  With Vinto, though- even with his built in abilities of Boltslinger and Thread the Needle, he can deal multi-target damage and there is nowhere to hide.  Generally, I tend to look at it this way- Fenn is a brute, throwing around …

Let the Wookiee Win: Are In-Universe Games Possible to Replicate?

With Solo coming out in just a little over a month, the world of Star Wars is once again abuzz with excitement.  Audiences are excited to see the Kessel Run, Chewie and his lady friend, and of course the infamous game of Sabacc where Han won his ship.

In fact, recently Hasbro released a physical copy of Sabacc for purchase, under the frustratingly meta (but also marketable) name Han Solo Card Game.

And why not?  It only makes sense, and a physical copy of Sabacc is something fans have wanted for a very long time.  For the most part, it's a card game that works perfectly well in our universe, with little reliance on unattainable technology.

You've also got games like Pazaak, which from what I remember, are also simplistic enough to be able to reasonably be playable in our universe, and as far as I can tell Chatta-ragul and Canto Bight's Hazard Toss seems easy enough to recreate as well.  In fact, some of these games almost seem too simple.

Even some of the seemingly more di…

Stolen Plans!: Thrawn

Last week I talked about the extremely likely possibility of getting Death Troopers soon, and this week I'd like to continue the speculation of the "leaked" Worlds prize art characters with a brief talk on Thrawn.

In my opinion, it should be rather obvious that Thrawn should be a support character if he shows up in this game.  The rather awkward problem with this is that the Empire already has a ton of support characters.

The most obvious of these might be the ones that came with the Core Box, Officers that allow for strategic movement and even extra attacks.

The Empire also gets some movement boons from General Weiss (probably too expensive to be considered much of a "support character", though- at least, a not particularly viable one).

Then, of course, more extra attacks come with Kayn Somos.

Agent Blaise gave the Empire some options for more strategic deployment.

And the new addition of the Emperor gave the Imperial player a ton of new support-centered good…

Stolen Plans!: Death Troopers

So, a few weeks ago the FFG Worlds prizes announcement article had some curious images for Imperial Assault fans... namely, references to Thrawn, Death Troopers, and what appears to be a veteran Clone Trooper.

Since no new content has been revealed in nearly a year, fans of the game quickly began to speculate that this could be indicative of an upcoming release- perhaps delayed due to either Legion's release, or the IA app itself.

Rumors have been flying left and right- someone knows a friend who has been playtesting "shiny" new components, someone interviewed an artist who suggested an upcoming wave was cancelled, someone's uncle works at Nintendo...

For now, though, all was can know for sure is that FFG has released these images.  Additionally, as far as I can tell, art for this game that has been released as prizes has never prominently features components that weren't already in the game.

So, if you don't mind putting your tinfoil hats on, let's specu…

D&D Journal pt. 3: Barfight!

After their adventures in the goblin cave, the party finally reached Phandlin (where they soon discovered they'd been incorrectly spelling the name the entire time).  The city, or rather a small town, sat under the the shadow of a large manor on a hill.

After cashing in the wagon train, doing some brief shopping, and bringing Syndrael to safety, the adventurers headed off to the town in for some shut eye.  Ratman, Bentra, and the Ulthar Cat headed off to bed, but Invictus and Brothar stayed in the inn's bar, where they learned that a local gang called the Red Brands was terrorizing the town.  Having heard that the gang frequented a tavern down the street, Brothar and Invictus went and woke the rest of the party, saying that they wanted to "start a bar fight."

As they entered the dingy tavern, the adventurers ordered some drinks.  The room was crowded, but one particularly rowdy table featured some Red Brand looters in an arm wrestling contest.

In an attempt to try to…

D&D Journal Pt. 2: What's Your Dog's Name?

Along the High Road, the adventurers met another aspiring hero who joined their party, another vigilante named The Ratman.  Unlike the Ulthar Cat, though, Ratman was also open about his true identity, simply named "Charlie".  Also, despite his name, the Ratman was a human, though he was accompanied by a posse of servants and minstrels.

It wasn't long before the group ran across a Dwarf named Gundrik and his human bodyguard Syndrael.  Gundrik offered the heroes a job, to escort his caravan to the city of Fandolin.  The heroes agreed, so Gundrik and Syndrael rode ahead to the city.

Not long later, the party spied two dead horses on the road ahead of them, riddled with black arrows. Bentra and Ratman snuck ahead into the thicket on the left of the road, where they discovered two goblin archers.  Ratman stabbed one of the goblins, wounding it badly, while Bentra grabbed the other and tried to interrogate it.

Meanwhile, two other goblins on the embankment on the other side of…