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Tabletop Ready: My Amateur's Gallery (Imperials)

If you haven't seen my Mercenaries gallery (missed opportunity to use the phrase Rogue's Gallery) yet, I explain a bit of what I'm doing here, so check it out!

Essentially, the point of these articles is to show "tabletop ready" figures- stuff that may not be perfect, but still looks a lot better than the tan and grey plastic!

That being said...


I think you'll notice an evolution on my painting of stormtrooper variants over time, with these being a bit of a low point.  These ones were... frustrating for a beginner to paint.  White is a hard color to paint, given you need several coats of it.  Putting in easy to mess up strands of black is just cynical.
On top of everything else, I was a little too generous on my wash of these guys. It's definitely worse on some stormtrooper minis that others. Maybe I'll fix these someday, but even a year later I still haven't recovered the mentality to be okay with repainting these guys.
Also, notic…
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Tabletop Ready: My Amateur's Gallery (Mercenaries)

About a year ago, I was inspired by a post on the FFG forums to paint my minis.  The post wasn't some grand, professional Sorastro video (though he admittedly does an incredible job) but rather someone's first attempt at painting.  And wouldn't you know, they looked pretty good!  Sure, there were some flaws with the models, they were kinda flat, needed a good wash, and weren't overly detailed- but you better believe that they looked so much better than the grey and tan that the minis come in by default.  I was impressed enough to think that even if I couldn't do as good as that poster's, I could at least add some flair to my minis- even though I was, for all intents and purposes, very much an amateur.  I'd painted some Lord of the Rings minis as a kid (pretty badly), but that's about it.

I've posted my minis on this blog and my Twitter before, but I've never really made much of a gallery before.  Partly this was laziness, but partly was because…