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Uncharted Systems: Expanding Tile Types in IA

Heart of the Empire was recently released (and I'm impatiently waiting for my order to arrive), so Imperial Assault players are now getting access to a wide variety of new goodies- new missions, units, command cards, the works!

One of the exciting new additions of this campaign, though, is the setting- Coruscant!  Previous campaigns have featured some really exciting locales, such as Hoth, Bespin, and Tatooine, but Coruscant is a far more urban environment that we've seen before. 

The core game came with four basic terrain types.  The two exterior types were desert and forest, while the interior types were what is commonly referred to as Mercenary Interior (the brownish tiles) and Imperial Interior (the blueish/grey tiles).  With few exceptions, all terrain types that have since been introduced have fallen in as a bit of subcategory to these four types- both thematically, and compatibility-wise.  For example, a list might look something like this, including the Heart of the E…
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Before the Dark Times: What 'Time Periods' Can Tell Us About Imperial Assault

Fans of Fantasy Flight Games' Star Wars: Imperial Assault are probably pretty familiar with the idea of 'time periods'.  Introduced early in the series as a way to try to help players tell a more canon-friendly story, time periods were a mechanic that helped filter out allies, villains, side missions, and other elements of the game that may not be available at a specific time, such as preventing Han as an ally when he would've been encased in carbonite.

Lately, time periods seem to have either been scrapped or are in at least a bit of a hiatus.  This was probably most apparent when summer 2016's wave introduced Greedo, The Grand Inquisitor, and Obi Wan Kenobi- characters that all would not fit into any of the game's post-Yavin campaigns (though Lando's lack of restrictions may have tipped us off just a little bit earlier).  So let me be totally clear- I am well aware that Time Periods have not been used with the last several releases.  And honestly, I'…

"Because No One Else Will!": Making a Good Assassins Creed Board Game

Hey, I'm allowed to like stuff other than Star Wars.  For this week, because the hype for Assassins Creed Origins is literally reaching levels we never thought possible, I figured I'd talk about one of my other passions.

I contributed to a thread a month or so ago on the Ubisoft forums about some Assassins Creed board games that have been released, and also speculated on a better designer game that could be made.  I'd strongly check out the thread, but to sum it up, I'd say two things:

1. There aren't a ton of good Assassins Creed board games out right now.  Arguably, none at all.

2. I'd love to have an epic board game spanning the globe and an entire era in the series.

Admittedly, my idea is a little derivative of Star Wars Rebellion and Pandemic, but it's also a pretty young brainchild.  It has room to grow.

To help kind of brainstorm what else I think could make for a good Assassins Creed game, I figured I'd outline some of the things that I'd …

War on All Fronts: What Battlefront Can Learn from FFG

With Battlefront II dropping next month and the Beta being out this week, there's been a lot of excitement in the Star Wars gaming community. Star Wars fans of all ages and backgrounds are eagerly anticipating this release- even tabletop gaming fans!

Personally, I think the game looks pretty cool, but I do have some concerns with it still.  These worries eventually led me to consider how Battlefront could learn from some of my other favorite Star Wars game, like Imperial Assault, Rebellion, X-Wing, and Destiny. For the purposes of this article, I'm considering all Battlefront games- even the old handheld ones.   Here are some of my thoughts.

Getting Ship Controls Down Right

I'm far from being competitive at Fantasy Flight's X-Wing miniatures game, but I've really enjoyed what I've played so far.  One of my favorite parts of the game is how each ship has its own movement dial.  For those unfamiliar, at the start of each turn of play, competitors secretly set eac…

The Verge of Greatness: How to Bring Fan Favorite Characters to Imperial Assault

A lot of fans want to see their favorite character brought to IA (let's go Team Cad Bane!).  The problem is, Star Wars is so huge- we have the main films, the spinoffs, Rebels, the comics, the books, the video games... then there's all of Legends.  Frankly, it's overwhelming, and there's a case to be made that we're hitting a point of diminishing returns with the allies and villains in the game, at least from a campaign standpoint- with only a few side missions per campaign and story missions only implementing core and expansion-specific material, the appearance of allies and villains remains somewhat limited.
Stuff like Greedo and the Grand Inquisitor's "summoning" Agenda cards, the Nemesis class deck, and Murne Rin's Company of Heroes help with getting the heroes out that we want, but we still have the issue of why we need to have more characters and units in the game.  I think there are a few classes of thought on this.  
One group may think t…

Search Your Feelings: Will Legion Affect the Imperial Assault Community?

At this year's In Flight Report at GenCon2017, Fantasy Flight Games confirmed the rumor of a Star Wars tabletop minis wargame by announcing Star Wars Legion.  Reception to the game has been mixed, to say the least, though.  While many fans are extremely excited for a more traditional Star Wars wargame, some gamers see this as a bit redundant given the similarity of scale and subject with Imperial Assault, while many IA players themselves are worried about what this new development will mean for their game.  To see what exactly all the fuss about Legion is about, I figured that this week I could examine some of the elements people are concerned with.


For a long time, fans have been considering the possibility of a tabletop miniatures wargame featuring the Star Wars IP.  From the split with Games Workshop to the rumor of painter Sorastro working closely with FFG on a new project, there was plenty of speculation on how Star Wars could be brought to a more traditional tabletop f…

Profiles in Hope: Diala Passil

All right, I've already posted some articles giving advice to Imperials.  I'll start to look a little biased if I don't put out some Rebels content, so (as much as it pains me to give Rebel's advice) here we go!

One of the most tempting characters to play as in Imperial Assault, both from her aesthetics and utility, is Diala Passil.  After all, who wouldn't want to be a Jedi if given the chance? She has a badass sculpt, the chance to earn a lightsaber, some incredible abilities, and one of the coolest red missions in the game!  As a testament to one of the most prolific heroes in the game, I've decided to feature her as the first subject of my Rebel campaign hero analysis series of articles, Profiles in Hope.

A quick glance at Diala's hero sheet shows that she's no pushover.  She has good health and perhaps even better endurance (which she'll need for all of her powerful abilities).  Her biggest weaknesses are probably her speed (4), defense (one w…